Nephrology On-Demand an Easy and Quick Resource for Nephrology Learning

Many physicians, health care extenders, and students increasingly use online educational resources. From databases to blogs, the amount of medical information one can access is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, much of this medical information is scattered on numerous websites, each designed for one specific audience only. As a result, physicians are learning and sharing information in isolation from medical trainees, nurses, students, and patients.

To prevent segregation of one user group from another, the division of nephrology at East Carolina University—Brody School of Medicine launched Nephrology On-Demand. Nephrology On-Demand is a simple-to-use, easy-to-navigate, integrated teaching platform that satisfies the combined educational needs of physicians, fellows, residents, medical students, nurses, and patients.

Nephrology On-Demand provides users a complete learning experience. Online learners can select teaching resources in various formats—audio, video, PowerPoint slides, text, and exams. Users can ask and/or answer questions that arise during their learning through Nephrology On-Demand’s virtual discussion forum. The forum, which accompanies every teaching resource, allows users to share different ideas, clarify concepts with faculty nephrologists, and stimulate further discussions.

Users can anonymously evaluate the educational value of each teaching resource using Nephrology On-Demand’s six-point transparent peer review system. The cumulative score (on a scale of one to 10) not only gives contributing authors insights into revising and improving the teaching value of their contributions, but also allows future users to discern high quality resources before they begin learning. These features give users of Nephrology On-Demand a complete learning experience.

True to its name, Nephrology On-Demand provides mobile support. Online learners can use a smartphone or PDA to access a dedicated mobile version. Regardless of connection speed (WiFi or cellular), users have complete access to teaching resources and can participate in discussions or virtual Q & A sessions. With Nephrology On-Demand mobile, health care providers have the flexibility to learn and discuss nephrology wherever and whenever they need to.

Finally, via a partnership with Google, Nephrology On-Demand tracks data in the following dimensions: loyalty of and level of engagement by visitors, visits and page views per unit time, access time and bounce rates per visit and topic, and more. By publishing this data, Nephrology On-Demand’s successes and shortcomings will be transparent to its users.

We welcome you to start learning with Nephrology On-Demand. Our user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface allows you to obtain accurate medical information quickly. Whether you want to use the increasing number of teaching resources, share knowledge with other users, or engage in stimulating, evidence-based conversations, Nephrology On-Demand brings you together with learners of different backgrounds and training to meet your educational needs. Registration and access are free for all users at


[1] Tejas Desai, MD, is assistant professor of medicine in the division of nephrology and hypertension at East Carolina University—Brody School of Medicine in Greenville, NC.